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Short Fuse Interactive Inc. was launched in 1995 as a dynamic series of experiential training programs based in theatre, storytelling and improvisation methodologies. Recent studies in adult learning show retention levels of over 70% for visual and experiential programs of this nature. The effectiveness of an SFI event lies in the interactive nature of our presentations for encouraging behavioral change in multiple workplace settings. We have created and continue to evolve our trainings on leadership, sales and customer service, as well as sexual harassment and hostile workplace issues. Our SFI Audio component brings expert voicing services to your e-learning programs as well. We invite you to take a close look at our programs, along with testimonials received from established companies, large and small. SFI Inc. brings your company the power of live performance as a dynamic and thought-provoking training tool, with increased learning retention, customized content, and exactly the right impact for your business training event.

timeoutAre your employees finding it difficult to face change?

Are there interpersonal conflicts draining your energy, resources and affecting your bottom line?

Does your department need some punch and polish for that upcoming presentation?

Short Fuse is the Answer!!

  • The power of live performance as a training tool in business  is widely recognized.
  • Live performance has powerful attributes not found with speakers and videos
  • Our performers accurately depict stories recognizable to the audience, providing them with both a door into authentic experience and a window through which they can analyze what they see
  • A trained SFI facilitator guides the audience as they question and interact with the characters onstage. This component is crucial to the audience’s learning, thus the term “Interactive” theatre

Short Fuse has the necessary resources to stimulate crucial dialogue on issues facing your organization, with a variety of expertise to help you move forward:

  • Writers, Trainers, Facilitators and Performers able to CUSTOMIZE the presentation to YOUR workplace needs
  • AND NOW….Audio recording resources for archiving, e-learning, voice messaging, marketing, presentations & promotions!  Click here for more info:
  • Now able to process payment through PayPal:
  • Call 207-329-0000 email: kdakin56@gmail.com